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Service options for older Viper boats

We do not repair the older Viper bait boats anymore as parts for these boats are no longer available.  Upgrades to 2.4ghz can give your boat a new lease of life.  

We can offer an upgrade service to a modern operating system as long as your motors are standard ones and are in working order, and there are no cracks in the boat body. This gives you a new handset and receiver, we use the Flysky FSi6, new speed controllers and a servo operated hopper catch. The benefits are single lever control for one-handed operation, internal aerial so much better to get under overhanging trees, longer range and no interference from other boats.  We are based in St Helens, Merseyside. If you are not able to drop off the boat then you will need to get a parcel delivery service to drop it off and pick it up when it is finished.  Contact us through our contact page or send us an email if you require this service.

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