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Viper MK4/MK3 hopper cover

Viper MK4/MK3 hopper cover

Viper MK4 or MK3 hopper cover.

Keeps the ducks away from your bait. Helps keep bags dry in wet conditions (the hopper is not fully sealed from the elements).

Fits to the boat with Velcro type fittings. Instructions and velcro supplied.




The hopper cover is designed to cover most of the hopper to help discourage ducks from helping themselves to your bait. It also helps to keep bags dry in the hopper in rainy conditions. It is held in place by Velcro type pads to each corner. 


1 Thoroughly clean and dry the top of the hopper, making sure to remove any dirt and grease; the better you clean it the better the pads will adhere to it. 

2 Turn the hopper cover upside. Peel the backing away from the adhesive pads. 

3 Turn the hopper cover the correct way up so the adhesive pads are face down, and slowly and carefully lower onto the top of the hopper in the correct place and press down. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to bond before removing the cover; one side of the Velcro type pad should be left in place. 

Note the pads use contact adhesive and cannot be removed and used again. Steps 2 and 3 could be repeated for each individual pad by only removing the backing from a single pad at a time. 

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