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Viper Icon 5 package 5

Viper Icon 5 package 5

Viper Icon 5 fitted with Toslon 520 fish finder

2 x 7ah batteries and mains charger

handset case

Boat bag

Good battery life because now we use propellers instead of the battery hungry jet pumps.

1 kilo + carrying capacity. 200 + metre range.

Basic and easy to use, with all controls on one lever and separate hopper release switch. Does the job it was designed for with ease.

Built from high grade acrylic capped ABS plastic which is tough and durable with a lovely gloss finish and is made in England

Comes with a quality handset for reliability on the bank.

Built in voltage meter

Navigation lights


Toslon TF520

A great new device for your bait boat. This Toslon TF520 is an upgrade from the original TF500. Now with newer improved higher gain sonar technology which gives you much more detail of the lake bed from under your boat whilst being on the comfort on the bank side. Showing more structure detail like weed, snags, tree trunks, pretty much anything from under your boat.

Toslon TF520 Fish Finder. Price includes internally fitted by us!

The Toslon TF520 is a colour fish finder specifically designed to be installed on a bait boat. With its 2.4Ghz frequency, it offers the user a view of the bottom topography and fish signals to a depth of 30m.

Its 65,536 colour display allows for easy reading in bright sunlight, better analysis of different substrates and more comprehensive identification of obstacles (stumps, weeds, rocks, etc.).

Range: 300m (variable depending on the environment)

Depth capability: 30m (100ft)

Wireless digital echo sounder

  • Free Upgrade to Deluxe battery holder

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