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Stand alone Bait spreader for Viper MK4 ,MK3, Legacy,  All Icons

Stand alone Bait spreader for Viper MK4 ,MK3, Legacy, All Icons

An independent bait spreader and fittings, it fits across the hopper and works from a separate battery and remote. Also available for the Icon range - please specify when ordering if you require it for an Icon. The bowl can be ordered in green or black; a black one will be sent unless you request the green.


Viper Bait Spreader Instructions 

The Bait spreader is a standalone unit with its own power supply and controller. It sits across the top of the hopper and is held in place with Velcro type pads and is fully removable when not in use. 

The kit contains the following: 

1 Bait Spreader 

1 Lithium Battery 

1 Connection lead 

1 Charger 

1 Lipo safe charging bag 

1 Rechargeable controller 


1 Thoroughly clean and dry the top of the hopper making sure to remove any dirt and grease; the better you clean it the better the pads will adhere to it. 

2 Remove the backing tape from the adhesive pads on the underside of the fitting. (Icon: make sure thick end of platform is towards the handle.) Place over the hopper and lower it into the required place. We strongly recommend as near to the handle as possible whilst still allowing the handle to be used. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to bond before removing the unit.  


Charge the lithium battery inside the charging bag. Connect the white charging lead from the battery to the correct socket on the charger then connect to the mains. When all 3 lights are green the battery is fully charged. 

The handset is charged from a USB outlet. 





Lithium batteries are a fire risk and should only be charged with the correct charger. The battery should always be placed in the charging bag whilst charging and not left unattended. 


How to use 

Connect the power lead to the battery and the unit. 

Turn the controller on first then turn on the unit. Test with thumb lever to make sure you have connection. 

Fill bowl with the type and required amount of bait you wish to use. Dry baits work best. 

For a large spread of bait push forward or pull backwards the thumb lever on the controller as quickly as possible. 

For a small spread, ease the thumb lever forward or backwards slowly until the required effect is achieved. 


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